How Dental Business Finance Can Help You To Grow Your Business

How Dental Business Finance Can Help You To Grow Your Business

The dentist business model can appear to anyone looking in from the outside as hugely profitable, with excellent growth opportunities; after all, everyone will need a dentist numerous times throughout their life. However, as with all businesses, growing and nurturing your business can be a delicate balance between securing the appropriate investment and deciding how quickly you can sustainably grow.

What Could You Use Dental Practice Finance For?

The simple answer to this question is anything that your business needs to grow. Do you need to invest in the latest dental equipment? Perhaps you want to buy the property in which your business is based, so you can stop paying rent every month. Maybe you need to invest in additional staff to cope with the increased demand, or you might be at the start of your business journey and need dental finance solutions to launch your own practice.

Whatever your reasons for needing business loans, AW Capital can assist. We have an excellent relationship with a range of different dental industry finance providers. Financial companies who understand and have worked with other dentists, so understand that business model and the challenges and risks it presents.

We Do The Work, So You Don’t Have To

At AW Capital, we see ourselves as partners in your dental practice. We understand that you are busy helping with your patients, so we aim to let you focus on your area of expertise while we complete our side of the deal. The first part of the process is meeting with you to evaluate precisely how much money you might need to borrow, your short and long-term ambitions. Simply put, the more information we have about your overall financial situation and aims, the better placed we are to find the optimum solution for your dental practice finance needs.

Our job is to ensure that you receive the financing you need at the best rates over the length of time that suits your personal situation and ambition. We have helped many dental practices, both private and NHS, source the funding for their business. We understand the dental industry inside and out and enjoy finding the solutions to any financial obstacles that our clients face while trying to run or expand their business.

What Are The Different Types of Business Finance Available to Dental Practices?

There are numerous ways in which we can help you obtain finance for your dental practice, so we have listed some of the more popular types of dental practice funding we offer.

Business Loans – A traditional business loan is an excellent option for dental practices. Business loans are one of the most straightforward ways for a dental practice to secure finance for a range of options including working capital and acquisitions. This can be structured in a number of ways to ensure you get the maximum value from it..

Asset Finance – We don’t need to tell you how expensive dental equipment can be. Rather than having to find a large sum of money upfront to buy the equipment, asset finance allows you to spread the cost of that equipment over time. This is an excellent way of using someone else’s money to work for you.

We can also assist you in obtaining other types of dental practice finance, including invoice finance and a merchant cash advance. Whatever your financial requirements, the team at AW Capital is confident they can find the perfect solution for you.

Call us today on 0333 772 6165 to discuss your options. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how we can help you to grow your business.

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