Buying a Business


Making an acquisition can help a business achieve many goals such as product diversification, geographical expansion, operational efficiencies and economies of scale, among others.

As your expert advisor, our team works with you to develop an acquisition strategy to help achieve your goals. Our 360 approach means we help you throughout the acquisition process:

  • Initial Assessment and Acquisition Criteria

Our team conducts a review of your business and we work with you to set out what your ideal acquisition target will look like and how we will help you place a value on any potential targets. The initial assessment also ensures that we offer you considered advice throughout the process including our opinion on the potential financing options available to the business for an acquisition.

  • Target Search and Identification

Following an agreement of investment criteria, our team conducts a search for potential acquisition targets. This is done by our in-house research team who conduct bespoke research using specialist platforms and channels for each project. We also utilise our vast network of national and international sellers and buyers to identify targets which fit the agreed criteria.

  • Negotiation

We advise you on a fair valuation for the target and negotiate a deal structure based on financing and other commercial considerations.

  • Due Diligence

Before proceeding to formal completion, we conduct due diligence on the target company. We also advise you if any additional form of diligence is required e.g., legal, commercial etc.

  • Fund Raising

We help you finance the transaction via debt, equity or alternative mechanisms.

  • Project Management

We manage the entire process for you from start to finish, liaising with lawyers, accountants and other advisors to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner.

Our sole focus is to ensure the best outcome for the client