What Is Commercial Finance?

What Is Commercial Finance?

Commercial finance is one of those terms frequently thrown about in the business world that every small to medium-sized business owner is assumed to know, but in many cases, is afraid to ask. In the most basic of definitions, commercial finance is the provision of financial products to a business from a lender.

There is a virtually unlimited range of different financial products available from short to long-term business loans, working capital finance, asset finance, and property finance. Commercial finance is a critical and valuable tool in running any business. It can help accelerate that business’s growth, which is why it is vital to seek good advice and understand the various types of commercial finance options on the market.

Is Commercial Finance Available To Everyone?

Essentially, anyone who owns a business is eligible to apply for commercial finance products. In much the same way that a mortgage application works, a business owner will need to provide certain information to enable a finance provider to make a decision.

The information required will vary from lender to lender but will almost always include company bank statements, director information, and company financials. The lender then assesses the requested information as part of a credit review process, and a decision is made whether funding can be made available to the business.

What Are The Different Types of Commercial Finance and Which Option is Best For My Company?

Choosing the correct financial product for your company is a critical decision and one that should not be taken lightly. The type of funding you choose or is available to you can be driven by a range of factors such as your business’ credit profile, financial performance, and objectives, i.e., what do you want to achieve? In some cases, it’s entirely possible that you don’t choose the product, but it chooses you.

AW Capital are experts in this field with an intricate knowledge of the products on the marketplace and a vast network of relationships with various lenders. We use our expertise to help you decide the best products for your company. We treat our customers as friends, and nothing gets us more excited and motivated than to find the best products and the best deals for our clients.

The first part of our process is an in-depth but relaxed meeting to get a thorough understanding of your companies’ needs and requirements. We then scour the market to find the best products that meet those requirements and for which your company is eligible. We then walk you through the different products we have found, explaining the pros and cons. Although we can advise and give you our thoughts and opinions, we have a firm belief that our customers should make an informed decision from a position of knowledge and understanding.

We never pressure our customers and will spend as long as it takes to ensure they are happy with whatever decisions or choices they make. We aim to build an ongoing relationship with our clients because we strive to become your business partner and look after your financing requirements for the longer term.

If you have been considering your commercial financing options, or are merely interested in exploring the various products available to you, then feel free to book a relaxed chat with one of our team. With no pressure and no obligation, we can walk you through the different solutions and answer any questions you might have.

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What Is Commercial Finance